Education Awareness-Felicia Tucker

When asked to be a contributor to Maya’s Showcase I was honored, excited, and determined. By any means necessary to advocate for our children is vital to educate, grow, and transform our communities. I know that many people are  and should be concerned about their children and what the future holds for them in a world that is in constant turmoil. Education is foundational to begin this transformation.

How important is it that parents are involved in their child’s academic process?  School is only a fraction of the problem when it comes to student outcomes. The National Association of Education confirms parental, family, community groups, and schools are definitive to a successful academic experience, resulting in higher levels of performance including; test scores, behavior, and post secondary achievements.  With the unflappable gap within the social classes many students are being left in the dust and the end is inevitable.

As a community what can we do to improve these outcomes? That is my incentive and I hope you will tune in as we uncover the truth behind these perpetual results.

Felecia Tucker M.Ed



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