What Is Beauty?-By Simone Carter

What does beauty mean to you? You want to know what I discovered when I google the definition of beauty? Beauty: a combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Beauty is no longer the inner person but the outer person. Sadly, we no longer look at a person and see the inner them that shines through. We look at the physical person the shape, color and form that is only pleasing to the eye.

Society has brain washed us to only look as far as the physical appearance but what about the person on the inside   Ever heard the saying,” beauty on the outside and ugly on the inside.” There are so many young girls that walk around with this idea that as long as they are beautiful that’s all that matters. Reality check, you should be more than your beauty. You should be a young woman of integrity, intelligences, and a heart that shines with a light only God can produce.

So how do we go about changing a young girls understanding and definition of what TRUE BEAUTY is?


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