Straight Out of Compton-by Simone Carter

Straight outta Compton was an amazing movie. I think at such a tremendous moment in time it couldn’t have come at a greater moment. Looking at their struggles to share their talent granted us with the inside look at what has been going on for years. Unfortunately history keeps repeating itself and generation after generation is faced with tragedies and hardship. Each character delivered great messages to the audience. However, the one message that stood out to most was from Ice Cube. For example, Ice Cube made it clear that making sure your voice is heard is essential to the survival of people from Compton.

Sadly, the media only wished to paint N.W.A as “gang bangers” who promoted violence. Now step back and look at the young men who have been killed today because of how they look. African American men are seen as aggressive and dangerous even in current advertisements. Ice Cube also states that it helps to give people outside of his world an inside look to what teenagers are faced with daily. He stood as a great role mode that you don’t have to be a drug dealer to be successful. He gave youth with dreams hope that if you are passionate about something pursue it and don’t let anyone stop you.
Today’s youth needed that message but they also need to know that to overcome current tragedies and hardship education is key. We have to rise up and fight back with knowledge so we can sit in the very position of the people who stand against us.

Check out the movie clip from Facebook and definitely go see it in theaters.

Source Credits:

Picture credits from Hello Beautiful Magazine

Movie clip from Facebook page for Straight Outta Compton Movie


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