Is there too much Sex on Television?- Letrise Carter

Is there too much sex on TV?  This fall season 2015 of shows have seemed to bumped up the sex scenes.  Many of my favorite shows that I watch have spruced up the sex scenes.  One may hear that sex sells, but does it really on prime time televsion?  We are not watching late night on Cinemax or HBO.  For instance, the sex scene on last weeks episode of Being Mary Jane on BET had the moaning, the motions of sexual relaitons, and more nudity than last season.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the show and the topics that the show have taken on.  Do you think the sex scenes for teens under 17 is too much?  Or are we living in a time where it’s time that they see it rather than sneak around to watch such shows with nudity?

Last week, I was listening to the Doug Banks Show and Dee Dee, said she had to stop her daughters from watching Being Mary Jane because the sex scene ws overly explicit.  Should BET air a disclaimer before the show starts so that parents can make the decision for their children under 17 to watch Being Mary Jane?  Fox TV does it before Empire airs warning parents of the nudity  with a viewer discretion TV14.

Fox TV show Empire show is very open to sexuality and sexual choices.  A few weeks back, some viewers stopped watching because the sex scenes and partners is more explicit than last season.  Do you think the sex on TV has gotten out of control and is it too much?  What about the sex scenes on shows like ABC Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder?   Does sex sell television?  Is it taking away from the content or message of the episode?

Last week’s episdoe of Being Mary Jane, the sex scene did not take away from the messages.  I was able to see two messages, one single mothers struggle, career driven woman who has everything but the one relationship that will make her truly happy, and lets not forget the con artist skeming money from Mary Jane misforturne.  The message is someone will always try to use your downfall for their rise to riches so to speak.

Do you think there is too much sex on television?


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