Welcome to Transformation 2016

Welcome to 2016.  We had a great year given this blog platform is only six months old.  Maya’s Blog Showcase was launched in June 2015 with 7 amazing women with different dreams, passions, and backgrounds.  I am grateful to share this platform with these sisters because  they lend their vocies, share their knowledge, gifts, time, and stories.  Life is about learning, growing, and building your brand.  Maya’s Blog Showcase is ready to go to the next level in this beautiful New Year 2016.  January will be our month of transformation, so sit back and count down with us to our new transformed look in next 30 days days.  What’s happening in 30 days? Maya’s Blog Showcase will have a whole new look and features that will allow better engagement with our audience, friendly share of articles, and so much more.

We ended the New Year with Small Business Feature, and R&B showcase featured on Sistah’s Place Entertainment blog.  Starting in February, you will see the feature on our new website for R&B interviews.  We will still have our famous Black Wallstreet with Toni Larue, Relationships with Kimberly R. Jasper, and Educational Commentary with Felecia Tucker.  From Letrise Carter business tips, small buisness feature interviews, and inspirations.  Felicia Malone has a variety of topics to cover from Book reviews, movie reviews, and muc more.  Simone Carter(college intern) will feature Beauty & You segment from a young adult perspective.  While our newest member on our team Charlotte Martin will cover inspiration and empowering topics.  We will still feature topics on current movie reviews, book reviews, health & fitness, and current news thoughts.

The sisters of Maya’s Blog Showcase come from all over this country.  We are coming to you from all over the country to share our gifts and talents with you.  We are taking Maya’s Blog Showcase to the next level for 2016.  Why not start the new looks stepping gracefully into February 2016 with driven purpose and spirit?

Watch for our transformation in the coming week as we unevail a new look.

Happy New Year


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