Are You in Control ?-Letrise Carter

You are in control of who you are and who you become. God is the one and only who already knows your destiny and future.  Man cannot stop you and once you change your concept of who you think is in control of you, then your future and present position will change.

We allow other’s to control our destiny by given them a power of authority over our dreams, goals, and vision.  Take back your control and your power.  The only one that should have glory and power over you is God.  He is the Alpha and the omega.  Your destiny is waiting on you to change your attitude, change your mindset, and take back your power from Man.  Man is not in control of you.  You were born with purpose inside of you and it is ordained by the heavenly father that you walk into your purpose. You have a gift and it’s time you tapped into your gift but most importantly awaken your purpose and discover yourself.

You cannot take control of your life if you don’t know who you are and who truly controls your destiny and future.  Stop allowing your employer dictate your future and your destiny because you have a choice to make and you are in control.  Don’t ever give up your control and your power over your destiny.  You are the gift and it’s time that you start believing you are the gift.

Take time to discover who you are and allow yourself to smell the roses or start your own garden.  Find out who you are and you will take control of your life and your destiny.  Are you in control?


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