How Do You Look at Yourself?- Simone Carter

For years I looked at myself as broken, worthless, and a failure. I continually compared myself to others around me forgetting that God made me differently than those around me. I’d look in the mirror and see someone completely useless because my life didn’t fit the usual.

My ideas on beauty and intelligence was just a sheer figure of my own imagination because I didn’t fit into what media said I was suppose to be.  Media said beauty wasn’t skin deep but how short your dress is and how big your breast is,  so I envied those who had what media idolized .  Looking in the mirror, little old me I read useless, worthless, and failure. I didn’t realize until now that I am sat apart because my beauty is more than my curves, but the beauty that will never be define by media or man alone.


That my beauty runs oh so skin deep and the intelligence of an intellectual woman of color flowing from me is what makes me-me. So as I stand tall in the mirror I see beauty, intelligence, creativity, and a conquer instead of what media tried feed me.

How do you look at yourself?


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