Check the Drama In Your Life

When you wake up to drama around you, you could find yourself asking why? Is this person taking that abuse? Life is hard enough so why add someone who does not have their self together. Just because you have job does not mean you have it together.  How many know you can have a job and still make bad choices in life? Maintaining a job is one part of life we all must have to do in order to survive from day to day.  Are the young adults learning a lesson of life or just going from day to day hoping things will change for the better?

Hello wake up, the change start with you. You make the decision that certain things will not be a part of your life. If you are getting up every day dressing the baby and taking a cab to work, you don’t need a man to just turn over in the bed and say “cover me please”.  Hell No! Better yet he shouldn’t be in the bed period if you are grinding hard each day.  When are we going to get tired of this sad same story and turn the page for something better and greater, when?

Why do some women allow themselves to stay in a relationship that she even knows the outcome to.  Is it that we do not like to be alone in a place by ourselves, or is it that we are so desperate for affection that we settle for less in this area? But in this kind of relationships, you are buying all the food with the food stamps, he pays the rent some of the time. He has his friends come over and drink and smoke. Everything is good for a certain amount of weeks then (Hell) breaks out. When are we going to learn to discuss family issues in the house besides coming outside cussing him out while you are holding your baby half dress on your hip?

We got to learn not to feed into the drama on his or her level.  See, this is where part of the problem is we do not know how to talk to one another without yelling or cussing each other out.  Where is our respect for ourselves to say, he or she is not on my level I am better off staying by myself. Not only that, but where is the respect you want to give to your children or child? Why do they have to be around second handed smoke and the negative environment?  Let’s not forget that they come first and so should their safety as well.

Life is not always fair but we must be wise in choice and who we put in our life is very important.  It would not hurt to take time to get to know someone first and yes we all make mistakes but at some point in time you will get tired of the same headache over and over again.  Make a change now before it is too late and someone gets seriously hurt in a situation. Is this asking you to grow up fast not at all because if you have a child you are grown already?   You might be slow at learning things but you can be helped if you want the help.  Sometime it is all about looking for guidance if you don’t know what to do.   Many young adults do not want to listen to an older adult, but the wisdom is in them.   We got to learn to trust when older women are giving advice to us.

I trust that they do not want to see us hurt in a bad relationship going nowhere fast.  Young lady! Who is trying to be a grown woman in shoes that do not fit? First, learn who you are in this world first. If you do not know who you are how can you take care of another? Second, know what you want in your life and who you want in your life. Too many people are confused today making bad choices over and over. Want better for yourself and your children in this world.

Even though life will get hard don’t make it harder by taking the second best on anything.  Make wise decisions so your offspring will have a different life to look forward to in their future.  Our children are being affected by what they see in our lives today.  Most kids will repeat the cycle that they see in their environment.  What kind of parent are you today? What kind of environment are your kids in?

Are you encouraging your children to see the world, explore it? Or are you drinking alcohol and smoking around your children? Are you the parent that is fighting in front of your children with your boyfriend? If so make some changes in your life now while you can. Don’t let bad choices stop you from making the right choice for your life.

Author bio

Charlotte’s Bio:

Charlotte Croom Martin is a self-publish author in North Carolina. She works for one of the largest retail stores Walmart. She is known for her smile that brings you to smile. Her 2013 book “In The Stranger’s House” earned her air time on bctv. org as a guest for a topic called”Matters Of CONCERN”. This was one of her important accomplishments in life.

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Charlotte M.  Croon M @AquaBrowneye  twitter

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