Seven Signs That You Are With A Grown Woman-by Kimberly R. Jasper

Not every man wants his woman to think like him.  A real man wants a real woman.  A woman that compliments him as a man, supports his dreams, and speaks life into him.  A woman that will fight as passionately for him as she does with him.  Whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder or expand your car repair shop, she has your back.  That’s what it is when you’re dealing with a grown woman.


Comfortable in her role as a woman, she doesn’t use her wiles as a weapon or a bargaining tool for power against her man.  Whether she makes more than or less than him, he still feels like a man throughout the relationship.  What she asks for him to bring to the table, she brings as well.  If she wants a good communicator, she’s leading the example with effective communication herself.  If she wants her man to be active in the community, she already is.  Not that she wants a man that’s just like her, but she is looking for an equal.


She is her own person with her own interests outside of her man.  She has hobbies.  She has girlfriends.  She does not need to be attached at his hip to feel complete.  You will find her hosting book and investment clubs, entertaining friends, organizing fundraisers, continuing her education or attending seminars and conferences.  You name it, she’s doing it and she still makes time for her man.  No matter what she’s doing, even if she’s busy, she takes time to make sure he knows he’s a priority in her life.


If she has a child or children from a previous relationship, she’s not keeping them from the father out of spite.  Even though she’s done with the relationship, she does not interfere with his role as a father in her children’s lives.  She realizes that she is a grown woman and it is not all about her, it’s about her children.  She doesn’t gossip or keep mess going in her life.  She doesn’t have messy friends or get involved in other people’s business.  She stays in her lane and does her own thing.  She doesn’t have to work hard to keep her life drama free, she’s not afraid to cut ties with anything that will interfere with her happiness.


She knows that he can’t read minds, so she’s able to effectively communicate with him.  She asks for what she wants, and expresses her expectations.  If you piss her off, she lets him know, then lets it go.  It’s easy to find peace when dealing with her.  When asked a direct question, she gives you a direct answer.  She communicates what she wants in a relationship from the beginning and is honest about it.  If she knows she wants to get married in the future, then so does he.  She doesn’t play guessing games.  If that’s not what he wants, she respects that, and doesn’t play games to make him change his mind.  She is fully prepared to walk away if the relationship isn’t going to benefit either of them.


Her man can get a cooked meal out of her, a real cooked meal.  Even if she hates cooking or doesn’t know how to cook, she will do it for him.  She will fix his plate and serve it with his favorite drink and a smile.  Maybe not every time, but enough to show him how much he means to her.  She’ll rub his back, massage his feet, and even crack his toes.  She’s not too proud to serve him.  She knows that it takes more to define her as a woman, so she’s perfectly fine with running him a bath or fetching his slippers.

6.        SHE’S SECURE

She’s not insecure or jealous of a relationship with his boys, or with family.  She doesn’t interfere with the relationship with his children, if he has any from a previous relationship.  She knows that one female friend of his is really just a friend, and she’s not jealous of her either.  She trusts her man, so when the women flirt, it’s no sweat off her brow.  Inside, she’s thinking, “that’s right ladies, I got a good man!”


She acts like a lady and thinks like one too.  She understands that no man really wants his woman thinking like him.  She’s not trying to change him when she introduces something new; she’s merely keeping things interesting and the date life fun.  She is his sounding board, and he is free to talk about anything with her.  He can vent or complain about his bad day at work.  He can safely express his anger, pain, hurt, and happiness with her.  If he’s a good man, she knows she’s winning with him, and he never has to question her appreciation for him.

Author bio:

Kimberley R. Jasper was raised in Jamaica Queens, New York and still describes herself as a true New Yorker through and through despite currently residing in Humble, Texas with her family. From horror fiction with a mystical twist to erotic thrillers, this author does it all with well-seasoned finesse.


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