Extracurricular Activities-by Felecia Tucker, M.Ed

Extracurricular activities can give your child the arsenal he or she needs to be successful now and in years to come. As parents many times we are overwhelmed with our own lives and some may feel that adding anything extra will be too much. Studies show that if we sacrifice time and money our children will benefit.

If we allow our students to step outside of the conventional, normally activities it will have a holistic effect. An extracurricular activity teaches them to be accountable, timely, and disciplined. This will improve academics and even reduce negative classroom behavior. Being part of a team will boost social skills, long term commitment, and build lifelong friends while preparing them for the world beyond the classroom. Students will see how diverse the world is and learn how their contributions can make an impact. If parents don’t expose children to these activities how will the student know they are good or unique at anything?

Many of these activities are offered for free or at a very low price at community centers across the country, even the YMCA has great programs. Take advantage of these opportunities. Here are just a few ideas that can possibly be your child’s new adventure.

Swim, basketball, football, cheerleader, debate, volleyball, chess, pottery, painting, performing arts, student government, etc. These are just a few areas but there are so many more.

These activities can start while your child is still crawling, so don’t wait start now. You will enjoy seeing your child grow and prosper into a confident well rounded student.

Felecia Tucker M.Ed



Image provided by: http://www.snipview.com/q/Volleyball_in_Cuba


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