Where does your imagination take You?- Letrise Carter

Where does your imagination take you?  My imagination takes me on an escape to an island where I am pampered, relaxing with a tropical drink, great weather, and a beautiful man by my side.  My imagination takes me away to an exquisite island where you see many gorgeous men with great bodies walking along the beach.  Beautiful eye candy is we would call it and they can cater to my every need.  We all deserve to be pampered and catered to since we work hard all year long.  We are always helping everyone, but at times we forget to take care of us.  It’s okay to allow your imagination to carry you away to some place beautiful where the focus is solely on you.

When it’s raining outside and the weather is chilly, one can’t help but to focus on someplace that is not too hot and exotic.  A place where you are not thinking about work, house chores, bills, or the issues of the world on your shoulders.  It’s a place to let go, just relax, and revive you.  Everyone needs to escape at least 3 times a year and escaping in your mind on a rainy Saturday does not count.

Where does your imagination take you?  Its take me away to writers desk where I can step into the mind of my creative muse.

Sometimes when is completely quiet, I imagine that I am writing my first movie as it’s playing for me scene by scene in my imagination movie reel.  I find that it’s okay to have a creative imagination because it unleashes a special gift and talent.  It takes me to a spa salon where I am receiving the most relaxing and therapeutic massage treatment that my entire body smiles for the act of kindness.

It’s healthy for you to mentally and emotionally revive your spirit with a special treat called “getaway weekend” or a “getaway week”.  There are four months left in the year 2015, it’s time to take your imagination of escape to someplace special a reality.  Have you utilize your imagination today?  Where did it take you?

Have you unleashed your creative imagination?  What are you doing to tap into your special gifts and purpose?


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