We are looking for guest writers each month- Is it You?

We are looking for guest writers, guest bloggers, and guest authors to be featured on our blog showcase. It’s time to keep growing our platform and our reach as we expand on the stories and topics. Will you join us?

Are you one that likes to talk about current news? Are you one that likes to talk about motivation, empowerment,  and inspiration? Do you have a gift of giving our tips on various topics? If  any of these questions sparked your interest then send an email to  Mayadiamonds12@gmail.com for more information.

What are the benefits to writing for our platform?  Whether you are  an author, new blogger, seasoned blogger,or aspiring writer this will give you the chance to reach a diverse audience. We share our blog articles with various communities and groups on Google Plus, twitter, and Facebook groups for exposure to different audiences.  You can write weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.


Joins us as a guest writer or blogger who is featured with bio and back links to your website, Facebook page, Amazon links, and more.  Plus, we do an introduction interview to introduce you to our audience and platforms.

We are growing our platform that is a year old.  Making some new decisions to create a better and more viable platform that will have an impact on our audience.

Have we sparked your interest?


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