Something Better Awaits You-By Charlotte C. Martin

When a relationship has run its course, it to will come to an end.  Some of us might struggle with letting go of that special person in our life. One partner wants to keep trying to work at what’s wrong in the relationship while the other has let go.  As much as it hurts, it is unhealthy to stay in toxic relationships.  A relationship where there is fighting, arguments, and verbal abuse.  These are signs to get out of that relationship before things get worst.  No one can tell you when to leave; they can only suggest a place to escape the madness.

Anytime a man has to put you down or call you outside your name, there is a problem within him.  Many think the problem is you, but he is the problem.  No man can show you how much he loves you by putting his hands on you. Ok, maybe by hugging you and touching you can be a way to show you affection.  But, I am talking about the hitting that leaves marks on a female’s body.  This is physical abuse and it gets worst when we allow the abuse to continue.

Let’s look at some of the numbers that were given on abuse. According to a web site called love is , nearly half (43%) of dating college women report experiencing a violent or abusive dating behaviors.  Girls and young women between the age 16 and 24 experiences the highest rate of intimate partner violence that is almost tripled the national average.  Some of the serious ramifications from this are eating disorders, risky sexual behaviors, and further domestic violence.

That is why it is important that we talk to our parents or adult about such things as this. This is a major issue that is affecting more and more people in our world each day.  It may seem hard to believe, but something better awaits you if you let go of the junk in your life first.

And yes I know some of us do not know what a healthy relationship look like based on past relationships that were bad.  If you as a person are not complete and whole, how can you want to be in a relationship that you know nothing of?  Yes, we all say we want a healthy relationship but do we really know what that means? What does it take to get a healthy relationship?

Everyone’s definition of a healthy relationship will be different.  However, if your definition is anything that involves verbal abuse or physical abuse then I am sorry we are not talking about the same definition of a healthy relationship. You as a person first should be whole within yourself. You have balance and standards in your life that you live by on day to day bases.  You believe in yourself and the goals you are working towards in life.

Meanwhile, we all heard this statement at some point in time in life, “you got to stand for something or you will die for anything”.  Well, this is you at this point in your life taking a stand for what you believe to be important. Sometimes we see certain people who we know and they are always talking about their relationship.  Take some time to talk with them; if it is real they will share what it took to get their relationship in a healthy statistics.

Growing up many of us might have come from a broken family where our father was not around in our lives or not around as much. So this can have an effect on our adult life if we do not see it for what it is and change it.

When you come from a happy home you will see love between mom and dad, it puts the idea in your mind that this is what love should look like.  If you come from a family where there is dysfunction and confusion in the family then you will have the mentally that this is the way life is supposed to be because of what you seen growing up as a child.   We do have control over what we allow in our lives today.  Maybe back in the “old days” when our parents were coming up things were different.

But today, I dare you to search for happiness and fulfillment in your life to make you happy and whole.  Know what you want out of life then you will know what you want from someone else in due time. You are worth more than you know, but first you got to know this inside of you.


Charlotte Martin



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