Approaching the New Year by Felecia Tucker

As the New Year approaches it’s time to take stock into the things that are important in our lives. How do we advent this new beginning? Aside from the norm, if we really take a conscious effort and do some earnest soul searching, can we really begin again in an area that deserves our attention? Can we find that one zone, vicinity, or section of our person that we can improve?

Where do we start in a world that is constantly changing and our feelings about it are impelling daily? Where do we begin to make our world better in a realm that often seems to dismiss the essence of who we are?  Is it family, physical health, mental health, academics, financial, or spiritual that needs some TLC? Only you can determine the area that needs your attention. In the end this change may utterly only affect you. Will you deem it worthy?

I move cautiously into the future and know that my belief goes beyond the surface of this world. I hold onto the knowing that my life may not impact the world or change the demise of this sphere but it may plant a seed in my family, neighbor, friend, or even a stranger. So I’m compelled to forge ahead ensuring that I put positive images and stories that will uplift a world that is full of negativity and I choose to exasperate the good in all things.

This is my plight, this is my choice, even if my return is diminutive. I will give thanks to God in all things. How will you proceed into tomorrow knowing what you know?  I pray that you are hopeful and steadfast and decide to make it a great New Year!


Author Felecia Tucker






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