Have Black’s been Trump’d? by Toni Larue

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down. It’s the pebble in your shoe. ~Muhammad Ali

             It took me awhile to write this article. I wanted to make sure I chose my words carefully because the topic provoked an emotional reaction from most people. Though I want to provoke thought, I do not want to offend anyone and their personal beliefs. In fact, I want this article to be inspiring and not only offer hope but encourage action among Black people. No matter how someone feels about the Presidential election, we must use that fear, anger, anxiety, and apprehension to do something about it. After many rewrites and days of contemplation, I decided to share my thoughts about our newest President elect, Donald Trump.

Just like you, I remember election day. It started off as a normal day. I had a conversation with various clients as they looked forwarded to casting their votes. One client in particular asked me if I was going to vote. My answer…” No!”. I can still see the puzzled look in her eyes and then she asked me why. I explained to her why I felt I had no dog in this race. I’m Black and I’m middle-class.  I went on to say that I didn’t favor either candidate so I decided not to participate in the election.

Later that night I was watching the news as the results were coming in. Many friends and family members were texting me at various points of time when it appeared that Donald Trump was winning by a landslide. I eventually fell asleep before our newest president was elected. I woke up the next morning and asked my husband who won. His response, “Trump!”. I thought about my response for brief a moment and said, “Maybe this is what Black people need to finally rise to the occasion because we’ve been comfortable for too long.”

Like with any subject, I don’t like to speak about what I do not know.  I found after Trump’s election that a lot I discovered that the people who were most upset had no ideas what his policies were. What they didn’t like were the images that were displayed on media throughout presidential campaign. Now, I will be the first to admit that Trump appears to be racist, prejudice, chauvinistic, and so on but what I cared about were his policies and what I found wasn’t bad….

I agree with most of what he “plans” to do, like:

  • Middle class tax reduction
  • Increasing federal funding for low-income (urban) schools
  • Rewrite the tax code to allow working parents to deduct from their income taxes child care and elderly dependents expenses

…to name a few but only time will tell. He has strict policies on crime and plans to heavily fund the military which is common for the Republican party.

After this election, what saddened me was the overwhelming emotional response from Black people. I received a different response from other communities. The morning after the election I went to the nail shop. Not one Korean spoke about Trump winning. For the sake of conversation, I asked the Technician who was doing my nails what he felt about it. His response justified my feelings. He said it doesn’t matter who is in office because his family (and the Korean Community) are self- sufficient. 

Exactly! I thought.

 We shouldn’t be fearful (after all, we survived Bush and Bush, Jr) but we are because we’re too reliant on the government for our success. Donald Trump’s election should be a wake-up call to all Black people. It is time to organize and create our own economy because the government will never be the savior that we keep hoping for.

 “The sooner you realize it’s never going to go back to the way it was, the sooner you will move on. ~Unknown

Photo Credits: For image: Digital image. Trump card.Publish date March 30th, 2016. Retrieved 11/12/2016 at http://innoculous.com/2016/03/trump-card/

About the Author:

Toni Larueauthor-Toni-Larue

Toni Larue is an author, entrepreneur and women’s empowerment advocate. She is the author of fiction novels, Abandoned Secrets (available now) and No Kissing (release date TBD), and the co-owner and COO of Team Jon Doe Management and Entertainment and Sounwave Music.





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