Thank you for 2016

Thank you for 2016.  It was truly an amazing year that showed us many changes, some unpredictable deaths, an election year that would be unforgettable.

Despite all the changes that took place in 2016, Maya’s Showcase just want to say thank you to it’s followers and subscribers as we re-brand ourselves.  We are thankful that you all still enjoyed the Black Wall street segment with Toni Larue.  We are happy that you enjoyed our other segments of empowerment, inspiration, and education with authors Felecia Tucker, Kimberly R. Jasper, and myself.

We are making some changes over the next quarter with our team and brand to make us better.  Starting with adding some new writers to our team like author Shanikqa Canty.  She will start in January.  She is a best-selling author who has published

  • Business or Love with Loretta Morris White/Shanikqa Canty
  • Their Vow by Shanikqa Canty
  • Keena & Tyler : A Lesson Learned by Shanikqa Canty

You can purchase her books on Amazon at


You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Shanikqa N. Canty
Instagram @Iamshanikqac

If you would like to guest write for us, please send an email to our editor .We will be announcing 2 more guest authors in January.

Have a safe New Year.







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