It’s Alright by Shaniqka Canty

Today I was able to ask myself a series of questions that I don’t have the answer to and what downloaded to my spirit was that “it’s alright”. I may not have the answers now but they will come. I was on the phone with someone special who I consider a big sister and she said “Just remain open and it will come. It may not be packaged how you expect it to be…but the answer will come!”. I hear that statement so many times but today when I heard it, It felt like a ton of bricks was lifted off my shoulder and my spirit feels so much lighter.

 Whoever is reading this you maybe in a situation and it seems like this answer is not coming fast enough. But I want to ask you. Are you in the receiving position? Some of us (including myself at times) remain with our hands closed instead of being open.

 Sometimes we must be in a giving position to receive FIRST! So I want you to do a self-evaluation and see if you have your hands open or closed. This is a two way street. You have to LOOK BOTH WAYS to get to the OTHER SIDE. We want God to give and give but are we open, ready, willing, able and positioned right. We are here on earth to be served so in return we can be serviced. I want to encourage you to know that it’s alright!

Author: Shanikqa Canty



Photo Credits:  Pixabay Photo



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