Saying Farwell to President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

Saying farewell to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama is bitter sweet.  It’s been eight great years with our first African American President and first family.   President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama gave us eight years of commitment, dedication, and hope that we needed as a country.  I must say they are the best that has come forth for the people of all races and ethnicities.

I remember the 2008 election like it was yesterday, tears streaming down my face and jumping for joy for such a historic moment.  Watching them both over these last eight years has been life changing because they kept going higher and ignored those trying to bring them down.

A President who had such swagger and a impeccable speech style like no one that demanded your attention just with his presence.  You were eager to see what he had to say and he always had a positive outlook.   I will always remember them and what they stood for the people.  In President Obama’s farewell speech he said, “Yes We Can, Yes We Did”.

Even though tears will fall and hearts will be heavy to see them leave the White House.  I know their journey is not over, there is so much more that our 44th President will go on to pursue within their own destiny.  Because of these two inspiring man and woman of God we can use them as examples to our children when they talk about their dreams and aspirations in life.  The sacrifice the two of you made to serve this country will never be forgotten.  It was an amazing eight year journey that we all will treasure forever.  A few positives moments that you will leave etched in our hearts and minds.

  1. Powerful Black Couple who shared their love with the world.
  2. Dared us all to dream and walk in your purpose.
  3. Gave us hope for the impossible to be possible.
  4. Gave us examples for our daughters to accept their beauty in their skin they treasure.
  5. Shown our kids the importance of education.
  6. You both are inspirational and empowering.
  7. Change can happen if we believe in it and use our voice.
  8. Take the high road when naysayers are hitting below the belt.
  9. Positive role models for people of all ages.
  10. Our First Lady’s Elegance and genuine Beauty.
  11. The importance of healthy eating for our children to eliminate obesity.
  12. Our President’s Swagger.

To the President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama, thank you for giving us 8 years of service to this country.  You are greatly loved and appreciated.  You both have inspired, motivated, and empowered us to walk in purpose, stand in our truth, and gave hope to the little black girls and black boys to dream the impossible.  We love you and will miss you both.

obamasPhoto Credit: Getty Images



Featured Photo Credits: People Magazine




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