Your Patience is Key-By Charlotte Croom Martin

In a world filled with so much going on where do we find the time to have some patience? This is a question that a select few people are asking themselves. 

We can take a tour bus ride through New York City and see just how much patience is displayed. For example, we see a group of ladies trying to cross the street before the light turn red, but here is a taxi cab driver trying to make a turn at the same corner where the ladies are trying to cross the street. 

So where is the patience here I ask myself. Here is another senior you are in the checkout   line at Walmart and there are two customers ahead of you, they are smiling and talking to the cashier as they are making their purchase and then you say  out loud enough for them to hear, “can we speed up the talking some of us got to go to work.” Again, where is your patience?

In our everyday life, we can be busy at times but we should find some patience along the way at the right time. If we don’t know how to show patience, how do we expect for people to have patience when we just may need it? Here are just some of the places where your patience are needed; on the job when we are dealing with co-workers and our boss. 

At home, we especially need here because we are dealing with our front line important people in our lives. When the children need help with homework or projects that has a dead line. Another one is in our marriage sometimes partners do not always see eye to eye on every issue and we got to have patience that that partner will come around. 

Last is learning to have patience when you are asking God to help you get out of a mess that you put yourself into. Now you know you been in that thing for a while so be patience and wait for the answer from him. To many times we move before God on a situation and mess things up for ourselves.

In the Old Testament in the bible, God was patiently waiting for Israel to choose to obedience but they kept sinning in his face. God gave them ample opportunity to stop sinning and turn towards him but they didn’t so he withdraw his protection from them until they would cry out and return to him. 

So if God is still showing us patience and he is; therefore, let’s show patience for one another on the face of the Earth. With Holidays  approaching us we need to think about patience along the way. Many of us will be out hustling through the Malls and streets trying to buy this and that for our love ones. 

Take time to have patience while waiting in the long line at the grocery store or at the Mall. The truth of the matter is when you have patience and wait on certain things in your life you will get the right job or the right mate and not just any mate. 

Patience is key when we are operating with other people. Not only that but it makes a person feel good because you can display patience when others can’t. This world was not always in the fast pace lane but because of the technology today we want things when we want them and sometimes that is not good.

Sometimes it is good to let things come to you naturally not so much in a hurry. Where would we be if God did not have patience with us today? 

Sit back and think about your day, did you show patience today? What if your husband was not patience with you, wouldn’t you feel some kind of way? Or our boss if they never showed patience, you probably wouldn’t be working there much long.  

We are humans so we will make mistakes along the way. But we can try to do what is right and what we know is right to others. Maybe patience does not mean a thing to you and you care not to show patience. Well that is fine also but we hope nothing will ever happen to you where you will want someone to have patience with you. This is the thing if you are in the field of servicing, you need patience. 

Some jobs more than others need people to have patience. It only takes a few seconds to display patience to your brother or sister or even your neighbor. Just by you showing patience will make someone day especially if they are not having such of a good day.

Author’s Bio

Charlotte Croom Martin is a self-publish author in North Carolina. She works for one of the largest retail stores Walmart. She is known for her smile that brings you to smile. Her 2013 book “In The Stranger’s House” earned her air time on bctv. org as a guest for a topic called”Matters Of CONCERN”.

Social Media:

Charlotte M.  Croon M @AquaBrowneye  twitter

Authoress Charlotte Croom@facebook




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