Being a Strong Black Woman in 2017 by Nancy L. Collins

You speak your mind. You don’t hold back your feelings. Standing up for others, who cannot do it for themselves, is what drives you. Wearing your feelings on your shoulders is a “no, no.”

However with every chance that’s allowed, you take life by the horns! You have been given rotten peaches and sour cream. Yet you have turned it around for your good. Despite everything and everyone negative, that has come your way, somehow you made it all work for you!! Many people don’t understand you. It’s been a constant battle to defend yourself and/or your actions.

Nevertheless allow me to encourage you today. Keep being you!! There are enough people in the world who don’t stand up for anything! Everything gets a pass with them. Nothing ruffles their feathers. Don’t become like them. Your personality and strength is needed! You were created with and for a purpose.

People who may not be as strong as you, are awaiting your arrival. They need your passion & fire! They need to be pushed and encouraged in the right direction. If you stop being you, (it’s possible) that those person’s will never get to their next level in life.

Be you!! Be the Strong Black Woman whom you were created to be! Stop explaining yourself, to people who are not concerned about knowing you. After today, it’s no longer your problem if others don’t get you. Of course this is not a written permission to become unruly or hateful. Yet it is a permission to stand strong.

Understand this, being a Strong Black Woman will never be easy. You will be labeled as having a bad attitude, being a loud mouth, messy, angry, lonely, and every other negative thing you can think of. Most persons who give out those labels to Strong Black Women, are probably at a loss as to how to handle her.

Don’t hold it against them. Some men find it hard to date those type of women. While other men, find those types of women invigorating. Many days you may feel alone. The quantity of equal minded friends, may present itself as a challenge. Don’t throw in the towel. Keep being you. No matter how long it takes, the right persons will enter into your life and appreciate you.

You’re on the right path just for you. Trust and believe, they are plenty of other sisters traveling down the same road as you. Link up with those sisters. Build a network. Work on Friendships. Stand confident in who you are. Be unique. Be you. Be strong. For someone is waiting on the strength that lies in you!



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