Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock- Are you out of Time? by Nancy Collins

We’re now in the middle of August, and before you know it the temperatures will become cooler.  From the onset of 2017 you’ve had great plans.  You renewed your gym membership, yet stopped going after 2 weeks.  The spring cleaning in your home has been completed, but no one can tell.  Because it’s looking like a storage space again.  Several dating apps have been downloaded onto your phone, and yet all men are dogs.  Well don’t give up now.  There’s still 4 more full months before you enter into 2018.  You still have time to accomplish some great things.

So what you’ve gained weight instead of losing it.  You are not alone!  So what your home is a replica of a tornado.  At least you know where everything is located!  Do not let any mishaps, or the success of others; deter you from getting started today.  Those same persons whom you may be admiring, has (more than likely) put in some long days & nights.  If you were to be honest with yourself, you just made up your mind; to become serious about your pursuits. 

So therefore you’re not going to be as far along as they are.  Calm down.  Take an inventory of where you’re at.  Make note of where you want to be.  Start researching on how to get there.  Stop telling yourself that you know what steps to take, in order to reach your goal.  Because if you did, you would already be there!  You’ve tried several methods, and that’s why you’re still stuck.  So find those persons who are successful in what you’re trying to do, and take notes!  Connect on social media, use the search engine, watch YouTube videos, do something to make this year; one of your best years yet! 

Four months, four full months for you to buckle down and become serious.  Pick up the pace!  Stop carousing the internet and get down to business!!  Whatever it takes, whatever you need to make your dreams into a reality, DO IT!!  It doesn’t matter who laughed at your ideas.  Work your ideas and laugh all the way to the bank.  This has been your source of encouragement.  If you don’t make the next four months work for you, then it’s a huge possibility that you didn’t want it to work for you.  Sounds harsh?  Well it’s much harsher to realize, that year after year someone else, is living your dreams.

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