55 Ways by Felecia Tucker

Stepping outside this morning I felt a bit encouraged as I began my drive to school. With each passing day things get better and better as I learn how to manage 55 students. It has not come easy but with many nights researching and studying ways to maintain control and be an effective educator, the strategies seem to be working.

At my former school I enjoyed smaller class sizes, technology at my fingertips, an abundance of resources, and support from a great team. My students worked hard and test scores revealed the advantages of smaller class sizes. This year I have two tracks of students one of the groups has a total of 31, the other one has 25 and the count seems to be rising as the days progress. As an educator my heart goes out to the many teachers who struggle with these same numbers and the lack of support. We are expected to perform miracles with classes that have over 25 students. But we come back every year, the average person may say I couldn’t do it, but I say if I don’t then who?

Prayerfully, I arrive everyday determined to make a mark on the minds and hearts of our youth. I meet parents all the time that should be still in school themselves and yet they are responsible for raising a child. There have been times when I want to walk away, but that one kid  keeps me going back. So keep us teachers in your prayers and support us as we hold the future in our hands.  Today when a friend asked how my day was going I smiled and replied 55 ways.

Author Bio:

pic-tuckerFelecia is an educator and a blogger. She is working on her debut children’s chapter book Trudy, Swimming Against the Odds due out July 2015. Felecia resides in Hollywood, FL. bewareofed@blogspot.com




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