Where will you be? By Toni Larue

“The Black skin is not a badge of shame by a symbol of national greatness.” -Marcus Garvey

 Imagine after a long day of work, you want to take your staff out to lunch as a thank you. After much deliberation, everyone decides on a restaurant, not too far from the office. It’s an upscale eatery so everyone is excited because it’s not often that you indulge yourself in fine dining.

There’s seven of you. You walk in and relief sweeps over you when you realize the restaurant is pretty much empty so there shouldn’t be much of a wait time.

The greeter asks you how many do you want to sit.

You smile and say seven.

There’s hesitation… “Are policy states that we cannot accommodate a party of that size,” the greeter replies.

“Ok, not a problem”, you say. “You can split us up. Four at one table and three at another. We don’t even have to be on the same side of the restaurant if you’re unable to.”

“Since we know you can in together, we still can’t seat you.”

How would you react to that response? Would you think it’s racist or would you think you’ve encountered restaurant workers who are just trying to flex their power?

I would have gone with option two. I provided a solution and instead of agreeing with my solution the restaurant employee’s rather stick to their stance than admit I have a point.

For the millionaire, Jay Morrison, he may have agreed with me until he went public about the incident and was flooded with photos of non-Black, restaurant goers, eating at that very restaurant with parties larger than his own.

Last week, real estate tycoon, Jay Morrison was refused seating at a local restaurant in Atlanta, Houston’s. The rejection turned into a full throttle boycott, with the help of rapper T.I and others. As far as I know, Houston’s was shut down for two days.

After the boycott incident, Jay Morrison appeared on my favorite, Dr Boyce Watkin’s, YouTube channel and after watching the interview, I knew this time would be different.

We are used to Black activist telling us how we should own and control, how we should buy Black and support Black business but there wasn’t a time, from what I could remember, where they actually took action on their words.

Jay Morrison mentioned a Tulsa project where he and his team of investors planning to purchase blocks of real estate and began the process of rebuilding. We’re talking Black hospital’s, Black restaurants, Black everything….

The interview went more in depth so I will post the link below:


 More and more influential Black people are speaking out in support of our Blackness.

The energy is different this time. There will be action and though it might get bad before it gets better, I am ready for the battle.

It is time that we wear our confidence and that we display to the world that we will no longer wait for opportunities but create our own.

Ladies and gentlemen…we are experiencing a historic moment…where will you be..

About Author:

author-Toni-LarueToni Larue is an author, entrepreneur and women’s empowerment advocate. She is the author of fiction novels, Abandoned Secrets (available now) and No Kissing (release date TBD), and the co-owner and COO of Team Jon Doe Management and Entertainment and Sounwave Music.




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