Introducing Contributor Writer Nancy Collins

Maya’s Blog Showcase is pleased to introduce one of our newest monthly contributors Nancy Collins.  Read her Bio below and visit her website to check out her business.  Follow her on social media to keep up with what is happening with her and her book release in December 2017.  Nancy will be writing about relationships tips and motivation.

Get ready for some great articles that will guide you in your relationships and motivation to keep you positive.   Welcome Nancy Collins.

Bio – Nancy Collins (YourBeauty285)

Hello, my name is Nancy Collins.  Atlanta, Georgia is where I reside with my two children, and millions of others, who hate the never ending traffic, but love the warm weather.  I am the owner, & creator of Your Beauty w/NancyCollins285.  This company was founded with the purpose to push women to become greater, than who they were –yesterday!!!

We are not our mistakes!  We are not what others think of us!  We are not just someone’s sexual fantasy!  We are more than breast, hips, and thighs!  We are educators, mothers, entrepreneurs, counselors, and so much more!!  We make the world go around, at the perfect speed.

With my background in teaching pre-k, I am enthused to instruct other women, on how to be better!!  Today’s version of what a real woman is, has been corrupted by videos and old thinking.  I’m here to change that.

Under the umbrella of Your Beauty w/NancyCollins285 (aka YourBeauty285), lies my Creative Ghostwriting business, blog posting, small business marketing, personal consulting, and two upcoming books (to be released in December 2017).

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Education Awareness-Felicia Tucker

When asked to be a contributor to Maya’s Showcase I was honored, excited, and determined. By any means necessary to advocate for our children is vital to educate, grow, and transform our communities. I know that many people are  and should be concerned about their children and what the future holds for them in a world that is in constant turmoil. Education is foundational to begin this transformation.

How important is it that parents are involved in their child’s academic process?  School is only a fraction of the problem when it comes to student outcomes. The National Association of Education confirms parental, family, community groups, and schools are definitive to a successful academic experience, resulting in higher levels of performance including; test scores, behavior, and post secondary achievements.  With the unflappable gap within the social classes many students are being left in the dust and the end is inevitable.

As a community what can we do to improve these outcomes? That is my incentive and I hope you will tune in as we uncover the truth behind these perpetual results.

Felecia Tucker M.Ed