“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind…”

~Mahatma Gandhi


 With the police killings and the “ambush 7” incident that happened in Dallas, fresh on our minds, I wanted to use this blog article to address some possible solutions for the Black community to overcome these recent tragedies.

Last week, high emotions and anger roared throughout the United States from people of every race and ethnic background. The ambush 7 and the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile invoked a conversation amongst all people in a way that I’ve never seen before; some outraged by police brutality and others angered by the civil servants who senselessly lost their lives. Though I do not condone violence, I encourage the conversation of race and racism that these occurrences have brought forth. Because it is only through education and understanding that we will diminish bloodshed.

Many people offered their opinions on what should be done to make sure futile killings do not continue to happen. I’ve watched videos, read articles, and watch news coverage (filled with propaganda) trying to make sense of this myself. People offered much insight and as I collected my thoughts and considered the possibilities, I’ve come to the conclusion that our people are so far behind it will take a collection of multiple actions simultaneously working together to reach a point where we are respected and treated fairly by our counter-parts.

I was deeply saddened to watch videos of Black men being killed…shot down like wild animals. I was heartbroken to see a woman who just lost her boyfriend being treated like she was a criminal, handcuffed in the back seat of a police car, unable to console her four year old daughter. I’m angered that I fear for the day my Black husband is pulled over by the very people that have taken an oath to serve and protect us. I’m furious to witness the GENOCIDE of my people… my BLACK people!!!

It’s time we stop hashtagging “#Whatnow?!” and take action. Any action, no matter how small, is the step in the right direction.

Below are a several things YOU can do to be a part of the solution:


  • Boycotts
  • Supporting Black Businesses
  • Protesting with purpose
  • Controlling our images on the media

These solutions will be a part of a four part series (Boycotts, Supporting black businesses, Protesting with purpose and Controlling our images on the media)

“Until we own and control, we will continue to be door mats, waiting for our oppressor to bring us in the house, only to have them wipe their feet on us.”

~Toni Larue

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