Healthy Lifestyle Tips-Getting your sexy back-By Letrise Carter

How many of you made the resolutions for 2015 to loose weight?  How many of you figured I can’t get my sexy back because I had 2 maybe 3 kids and you caring a little extra weight?  Well, it’s still time to get your sexy back this last quarter of 2015.  You have to start with being honest with yourself and setting some realistic goals to reach.  It’s time out for lying to yourself that you will loose 30 pounds by December 31, 2015.  Now does that sound realistic at all?  No, it does not and it does not sound like a lifestyle change that will give you more realistic results than a crash diet.

It’s still time to get your sexy back on track by December 2015.  Here are a few tips that will get ou started and keep you motivated on your journey to a healthy lifestyle change.

  1. Set Realistic goals (Don’t put goals like 30 pounds by December 31st).
  2. Join a support group that will hold you accountable or find a work out buddy on
  3.  Do not go to the grocery store hungry.
  4.  Start back working out 2-3 times a week and increase it every 4 weeks.
  5.  Don’t be hard on yourself.
  6.  This is a lifestyle change not a fade diet.
  7.  Keep a fitness journal and food journal
  8.  Drink plently of water at least 64 ounces a water per day.
  9. Eliminate the junk foods (candy, potatoe chips, cookies, donuts, ect.)
  10.  Change how you cook your food by doing more grilling or baking,  than frying.
  11. Cut out your FAST food Resturants.
  12.  Feed your muscles before and after work out- by finding a great protein mix that will give you at least 26 grams of protein.  You can make protein shakes and protein smoothies.
  13. Eliminate soda and cut down your caffine intake.
  14.  Increase your fruites  and veggies.
  15. Cutdown your alchol consumption.
close-up of a mixed vegetable salad
close-up of a mixed vegetable salad

This seems like a lot, but your life is worth it each day that you take a breathe,  or a step to a better lifestle.   You can reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and heart disease.  Ask yourself the tough questions, do you want to live?  Do you want to see your kids graduate from high school and college?  Then choose a lifestyle change that is better then some quick fade diet that is a temporary fix.

Getting Fit with US Army Veteran Tracey “Laweziana” Ford-byFelicia Malone

At Get Fit with Fe, I want to inspire others to live a life full of health and fitness. Nothing motivates me more than reading about successful weight loss stories of real women who daily face challenges and choose to overcome them. When I see their success, it reinforces that being fit is possible. Being fit is a choice. I am fortified in my resolve to workout harder and eat better.

Today, I would like to share with you a fit-spirational interview with fitness instructor, dancer and US Army veteran, Tracey “Laweziana” Ford. I am inspired by this young woman who has faced the dangers of war including several surgeries after an IED (improvised explosive device) exploded forcing her to jump from a burning vehicle in 2004.  Recovery and the side effects of medication resulted in Tracey doubling her regular 115 weight. Through all of the trials, she has emerged on the other side 115 lbs lighter. She lost weight with diet and exercise.

How Long have you been a fitness instructor and what would you consider your expertise? 

I have been a Fitness instructor for 8 years and my expertise is Line Dancing and Cardio Fitness.

How do you measure success and have you lost a significant amount of weight? 

I measure success by doing a little more than I did yesterday.  I have lost 115lbs. extremely significant.

What motivates you?  What’s your source of inspiration?

What motivates me are the soldiers that died to fight for our freedom.  I was only inured.  I still have life.  So, daily I get up and go hard for them.  All of my comrades before me that served and those after me. Being a Retired Army Vet and as a Black Female before age 40 is an honor and blessing.  I know God has a plan for me.

What is your diet regimen?

I don’t have a diet regimen.  I love to eat.  I just try to eat less junk and healthier food.  If I choose to eat not so healthy then I work out a little longer.

 Do you have a website and how can others be in contact with you?

I don’t have a website, however, I can be viewed on YouTube under Laweziana.

You can read more about SGT. Tracy ‘Laweziana’ Ford service and sacrifice at  Hero’s at Home

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All photo credits Tracy Ford