Why is Everybody Mad? By Selena Haskins

At least once a month, I shut off all media platforms so I can think, meditate and focus on getting important work done. In our society, taking a break to regain a sense of calm and peace is important. It’s easy to become inundated with the political, social, and economic debacles that affect our lives on a daily basis. Naturally, people are concerned about various matters and initiating dialogue through various media is a way to inspire change. However, the manner in which we communicate our concerns is not always palatable. In fact, people have become very angry about not only the things that have caused distress, but they’re mad about trivial subjects, opinions, and preferences.  

In our world, social media has become our main method of communication, and the platform is an open floodgate of angry debates. The saying, ‘some things are better left unsaid’ is no longer true. People have become loose cannons, exploding hateful words against other races, religions, genders, sexual orientation, and people with opposing political views. Whether you agree or disagree, it is easy to become a target of someone else’s anger.

Sadly, TV and radio have perpetuated the anger we see in some people today. Some people already have a short fuse caused by the stresses of life or simply because they like being angry for attention. Ratchet TV shows of women fighting and arguing with each other over a man while he’s sitting back eating popcorn, for example, have become the norm for some people to watch and engage in conversation about it. Public radio stations, some of which that are struggling to stay afloat with online radio stations, often invite listeners to call in and share their opinions. At times, this has only provoked more anger about the subject instead of encouraging callers to share what they think the solution to the problem would be.   

The news also sensationalizes tragic events that can make others sad or angry. There was a time when the news would report a shooting, but now they air the actual footage. These have triggered rage, and have caused racial wars.  

So, what can we do? We’ll always have various forms of media that’ll show the good and the bad of people. While we can’t control others we can control ourselves. If we know we’re sensitive about certain subjects it’s best to steer away from it. Yes, we must be informed about what’s going on around us, but we don’t have to engage in the news every day.

We can do our part by counteracting the negative angry behaviors of others by being positive. Why not share more stories that display the positivity of the human spirit, such as a fireman rescuing an elderly woman or a child with a physical disability winning the Special Olympics. Our coffee room talk doesn’t have to spark an angry debate; it can be filled with humor or the pleasantries that can motivate a good day.


About Selena Haskins

Selena-1058She is a native Washington who enjoys music, spirituality, basketball, and spending quality time with her family. As a young girl, Selena always had a vivid imagination, and would tell make-believe stories to her friends. As a teenager, Selena begin to journal her personal thoughts, and write poetry. Before long, her talent for writing was recognized by her high school English teacher, who encouraged her to write articles for the school newspaper. The articles motivated Selena to write many stories and essays, mostly as a hobby. After completing high school, Selena would major in English at Johnson C. Smith University, and the University of the District of Columbia

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