Prayer is a powerful-War Room movie review-Letrise Carter

Today was a perfect day to go see War Room, on Labor Day.  The movie was directed by Alex Kendrick.  This movie was powerful in so many ways and it touched my heart to see how your elders can teach another married woman how to find God, love God, and most important teach her how to pray.  We as women take on so many roles that sometimes we allow life to overtake our prayer life and time with God.  There were so many things that I loved about this movie especially Miss Clara played by Karen Abercrombie.  She portrayed this role perfectly that it reminded me of good friend.  Miss Clara’s advice to married women and her powerful prayer at the end made me want to go home and clean out a closet to make it my “War Room”.

This is not just a movie for black families or black couples; it’s a movie for all believers, non-believers, ages, and all races.  Not to give too much away from those who have not seen the #1 movie in at the box office for the last two weeks since it came out August 28, 2015.  There is power in prayer and there is power in unity of prayer.  I loved her advice to Elizabeth Jordan played by Priscilla Evans Shirer to pray for her husband and pray for her marriage. One of the many points that I loved that Miss Clara helped Elizabeth to understand is that you belong to God before you belong to your husband.  She also let it be known that we as women cannot change a man that is God’s job.  We cannot fix him and we cannot mold him into the man that we want him to be.  All the molding and fixing belong to God.  He is the only one who has the power to mold, shape, change, and fix a man.

I am a firm believer in praying for my man and someday my husband.  I have learned this not just by watching movies, but through the teachings of my pastor along with what’s written in the bible.  It was beautiful to see that black man fall to his knees to pray and ask God for forgiveness. Tony Jordan played by TC Stallings was selfish and arrogant, but when his wife begins to pray, look out.  There was a scene when he was fighting with himself, and I must say that scene should be an eye opener to many men.  I am sure many men struggle with feeling they are fighting against the world trying to find their place.  Some are even fighting themselves as depicted in the movie.   It is a lot for a black man  or should I say any man to put aside his pride and realize who his king is and who he belongs to so that he can find his place in his purpose.  It’s important for a wife to pray for her husband, encourage him, and allow God to fight her battles.  It’s important for a husband to pray with his wife and for his family.


War Room was a phenomenal movie that portrayed just how powerful prayer is and how strong a praying wife can be.  It has some strong and powerful messages throughout the movie.  A broken man cannot piece himself together without God.  A confused and overly busy woman cannot go day in and day out without walking and talking to God.  Prayer is powerful.  It’s the best tool we have to communicate with the heavenly father.  Do you have a prayer room or should I say, a War Room?

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Straight Out of Compton-by Simone Carter

Straight outta Compton was an amazing movie. I think at such a tremendous moment in time it couldn’t have come at a greater moment. Looking at their struggles to share their talent granted us with the inside look at what has been going on for years. Unfortunately history keeps repeating itself and generation after generation is faced with tragedies and hardship. Each character delivered great messages to the audience. However, the one message that stood out to most was from Ice Cube. For example, Ice Cube made it clear that making sure your voice is heard is essential to the survival of people from Compton.

Sadly, the media only wished to paint N.W.A as “gang bangers” who promoted violence. Now step back and look at the young men who have been killed today because of how they look. African American men are seen as aggressive and dangerous even in current advertisements. Ice Cube also states that it helps to give people outside of his world an inside look to what teenagers are faced with daily. He stood as a great role mode that you don’t have to be a drug dealer to be successful. He gave youth with dreams hope that if you are passionate about something pursue it and don’t let anyone stop you.
Today’s youth needed that message but they also need to know that to overcome current tragedies and hardship education is key. We have to rise up and fight back with knowledge so we can sit in the very position of the people who stand against us.

Check out the movie clip from Facebook and definitely go see it in theaters.

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Movie Review: Middle of Nowhere by Ava Duvernay-Felicia Malone

Allow me to introduce myself, to paraphrase Jay-Z, my name is Felicia Malone. Like Jay, I am a lover of words – spoken or written verse. All forms tell a story. The art of storytelling is our heritage. In times past, that is how history was transferred from generation to generation. The word become immortal.

Middle of Nowhere, a film by Ava Duvernay (of Selma fame), tells the story of Ruby who struggles to hold on to the love she has for her husband Derek who has been sentenced to eight years in prison. Ruby drops out of medical school to passionately stand and fight for her man who seems more resigned to his fate.

Duvernay uses well-crafted dialogue and imagery to tell a beautiful story of love and self-discovery from a black woman’s perspective. I love the added nuance of Ruby struggling to wrap her hair in a scarf, becoming frustrated with the act, and then tossing it to the side in silent acquiescence. Only a black woman who has performed this hair ritual would have added it to this scene. Its addition lends credence to the character and story.

4 Things Love:

1. Honesty – The honest portrayal of the affects the incarceration of black men have on the women left behind. Ruby, her sister Rosie and her mother Ruth are all single women struggling to connect with each other while coping with the harsh reality of the absence of men in each’s lives. This film illustrates the truth of how complicated and powerful the force of love is. It can make you willfully blind and selfless. If that same love is turn inward, it can make you brave.

2. The cinematography – It is the shot of Ruby’s left hand on a bed after a night with her lover that allows Duvernay to show the story and not tell it. There are multiple scenes where the directing and camera fill in the gap when the words are absent.

3. David Oyelowo – (also of Selma fame) is wonderful to watch. I kept looking for his British accent to slip through, lol. I think it is his gaze. It commands attention. I was left wanting to see what he would say and do next.

4. Omari Hardwick – (we are not worthy!) is so flipping gorgeous. He has that, ‘hood dude you cannot help but love even though your momma says he is no good,’ steeze on lock. There is a scene in which he almost cries that had me yelling at the screen, “I’ll wait eight years, baby!” ROTFL. Good looks aside, the brother can emote.  Some handsome actors just stand there and flex. I give props to the guy for having genuine skillz.

This is my first review. I look forward to sharing with you other stories from African American women. I promise not to reveal too much, after all, I want you to see the films and support our sisters.

Please check out the Sundance Award winning fill Middle of Nowhere now streaming on Netflix.

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