Friday Feature-Deceitful Secrets

It’s awesome to have our creator Letrise Carter feature her debut novel on Maya’s Blog.  Letrise has taken the first steps of launching her first novella in the series Deceitful Secrets scheduled for release date pushed to September 18, 2017 with pre-orders and e-book available August 31, 2017.

Get ready to meet the Taylor Jackson, Devin Jackson, and Devin Jackson in this drama filled series that has mystery intertwined to keep on your toes.  The story came to Letrise in a dream and it’s been a two year journey to give birth to this story about a woman with a past that can be detrimental to her marriage.  Each of the characters identity and reason for existence came to life a eight months ago.  With the guidance, mentorship, and direction of Toni Larue the story of Deceitful Secrets came to life. 

About Deceitful Secrets:
Secrets have a way of making its way to the surface in the present day. However, when those secrets involve a family member, they’re no longer just secrets instead they are Deceitful Secrets that you take to bed each night. Meet Taylor Jackson whose friendship with her husband’s brother Kelly goes deeper than the eyes. Will Devin find out about his wife’s past? Will Kelly keep his promise to carry their secret to his grave? How will Devin react if he finds out the truth? But wait Devin has some secrets of his own. What’s done in the dark has a way of making its way to the light… but at what costs? Who gets hurt? Deceitful Secrets is filled with drama, lies, and cover ups.

Letrise is planning a book launch and scheduling interviews to promote her novel.  She will be giving away copies of her novel come September and October to her followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  She is an aspiring screenwriter taking classes to hone her gift in the trade of screenwriting.

You can read the first 3 chapters on her website at and be sure to sign up for her newsletter for special gifts and offers to her subscribers only.  She will post details for up coming interviews and magazine features in her author e-blast.  Have you signed up yet?

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